Saving Space With Small Size Appliances

You do what you have to do, and that may mean buying something smaller if you need a new appliance. At least you can feel good about the fact that you’ll be able to find something no matter how small the space. Actually, the market for the smaller units is pretty huge, so just go out and see what you like. Follow along and find out what some of the better appliances are when you need to conserve space.


Anyone that is dealing with limited space at their home or apartment, really doesn’t need a vacuum that’s big. You should really look into the most compact models available, even if they are not heavy-duty varieties. You might want to try out the Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum. Since this unit only weighs about 5 pounds, this would be great for easy mobility. Even though it’s a lightweight, handheld vacuum, it’s powerful enough to do a great job cleaning your carpets and sofas.

It’s also useful for cleaning your car seats because of its built-in portability. The 20-foot long cord gives you plenty of reach. There is a crevice tool that comes with the vacuum for tight corners and spaces. If you need a compact countertop oven to cook your food with, the Breville BOV650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven might be what you are looking for. You can preset this oven for pizza, cookies, roast, bake, bagel, toast or reheat. This way will be making food in the appropriate manner every time. Larger ovens often have 1800-watts. This oven, just like the Breville Smart Oven, is perfect for small areas. Anytime you cook, the Element IQ technology will help you save money and energy using this modern technology. If you do have a limited amount of space, then this oven is the perfect complement for your small kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances

Dealing with small spaces, like in the kitchen, can be challenging for most people. You won’t have a lot of room for things like pot and pans, or appliances, if space is limited. While small size appliances are one way to save space, you also have to pay attention to the way you arrange your items. You can free up a lot of space if you have a pot rack. Instead of having cabinet space, you won’t have any if you keep stuffing your pots and pans into the space that is available. If you hang them overhead, then that frees up that space immediately. It’s also very convenient to simply reach for the pot that you need rather than having to search for it.

When space is an issue at your apartment, or your home, small size appliances might be what you need to get. Compact appliances are now all the rage, sometimes replacing large and bulky items that were staple in every household. This applies to vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and washing machines that you use. Now you know which small size appliances that we recommend. Start saving space at your home or apartment by getting a few of these today.