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The concept of using a shipping container for your storage and security needs may seem foreign to some, but to others it’s a perfect solution for most things. Do you have a lot of construction equipment that you need to store when nobody is on site? Well it’s perfect for that. You can add shelving and hooks to hang and hold all of your stuff in a semi-organized way, and after you lock up your container you can count that it’ll all be there when you return. Maybe you have an ATV that you need to keep locked up when you’re gone, it’s perfect for that too. Shipping containers are also very mobile, they can be transported usually with a single truck and can be driven and dropped off anywhere you may need them.

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Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but by far the most common one is the 20 foot standard. This is what you’re going to find the large majority of the time, it’s just a nice constant size that makes transport and storage a lot easier. You can also find containers in 10 and 40 foot sizes, these are more for specialty needs but can still be found very readily if you need one. These are good for more specialized needs, like a 10 foot container could be perfect for your home storage needs and mean you won’t have a massive container drawing attention from your home. A 40 foot container could be perfect for your construction site storage needs, you can fit just about any tools and materials in there and rest assured that they’re secure. In the end it all comes down to your preference and what works best for you, we’re here to get you the container that you want!

I’m sure it’s important to you that you not only get more quality storage space, but that that space offers a certain level of protection, you want to be able to leave things inside it and not have to wonder “IS it all going to be safe?”. Conex containers are designed to be shipped all over the world and withstand saltwater and battering winds for weeks at a time. They also keep all of their goods secure through multiple ports of entry, these containers are the real deal. You can, for instance, go on vacation for a month and know that the things in your container are going to be there when you return.

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Storage mobility is important to a lot of people. Being able to have your storage move with you if need be is such a nice luxury. If you use the old fashion storage units, you surely know what a pain it is to have to drive out to it every single time you want to add or take something out of it. Sheds are better because they’re generally right in your backyard, but they’re not nearly as permanent or mobile as shipping containers are. Once you put them down, they pretty much stay there no matter what. A container can be picked up and loaded onto an 18 wheeler and driven wherever you want or need it, now that is true mobility.

You really can’t beat the combination of portability, storage, and strength/security that a conex box offers. They’re the whole package for on-site storage. You can store thousands of pounds of lumber and gear in it and trust that it’ll still be there when you return to work on Monday. Or you can store a ton of things from your home inside it during a move, and just have the container shipped to your new home! Do yourself a favor, save all that future headache and go ahead and invest in a storage container from storage containers Nashville TN. Go see your local container retailer and let them help you along the way, they’ll make sure you get that you need.