Weight Loss Cary NC

It’s great that society is accepting of any and all body types now, but people have to understand it’s still in their best interest to take care of themselves and stay at a healthy weight. Some studies have gone around in the recent past claiming those that are slightly overweight may have an advantage over those at healthier weights, and that’s just not true. Decades of good science has shown us that being overweight isn’t exactly good for you, it makes you more to prone to a range of diseases and things like high blood pressure are very common. The scariest thing is that more than a third of American’s are obese, that’s a huge number of people. Caring for yourself starts with your body, weight loss can be very touchy and you have to find specifically what works for you.

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Weight in itself isn’t the main issue, it’s the way this weight is distributed through the body. Take a 375-pound body builder for instance. Say for instance they have 3% body fat. This person may be “overweight” but they aren’t at all unhealthy because most of this mass is muscle. Now on the other hand take someone that’s 5 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds with 20% body fat. That doesn’t sound like a huge amount of weight, but on such a small frame it’s actually extremely overweight. It’s all relative and case by case here. Now everyone wants to lose weight for different reasons, maybe you just want to look better, or maybe you just can’t sustain the amount of money you spend on food and medicine to keep yourself alive from eating all that food. Medical costs associated with obesity are on average thousands of dollars more expensive per year than normal. Even more so for an obese child who is obese their whole life. Being overweight even cuts down on your energy and productivity at work, so you may find it harder to find and keep jobs. Employers will also be wary of hiring someone that looks unhealthy, to them that’s just another cost to pay. Most people want to lose weight to better their own personal health. The hard work is in getting down to your target weight, from there as long as you eat well and exercise regularly the weight should stay off with no problems. Self-discipline is so important when it comes to weight loss.

Just being heavy isn’t an issue, professional weightlifters often are considered heavily obese by the scale, but you just have to look at them once to know that’s not the case. So being big isn’t being unhealthy, but packing on fat is. It’s all about the fuel you put in your body, how active you are, and the makeup of your body, everyone is different. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing weight loss, some are tired of feeling tired, others worried about the issues that their weight will bring over time. Being obese can cost you hundreds, even thousands of extra dollars in medical care every year, so just imagine the lifetime cost for an obese child. Being overweight really drags you down and hurts your energy levels too, which could be very bad for job performance. Losing weight isn’t east, but it’s worth sticking with the grind for your own good.

Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

Right off the bat, most people want to shed as many pounds as quickly as they can. The faster you’re rid of it the better, right? Wrong! A lot of evidence backs up the fact that those who lose weight more gradually at 1-2 pounds per week are healthier and better at keeping that weight gone in the long-term. It’s not as simple as not drinking as much soda anymore or walking once a week, it takes serious commitment! Even seemingly modest weight loss, like 5-10% of your total body weight is a great goal and starting point for anyone. That much weight loss can improve blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure right off the bat. A great place to start would be weight loss Cary NC! So even your ultimate goal seems forever away, you’re on a long term journey to better yourself. You’ll learn new eating and physical activity habits that will help you live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life. It’s even been found that those who go through significant weight loss report better physical and mental health afterwards, so the changes are not all on the outside and make you feel better in all aspects of your health.